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Contents Volume IV Issue I ( 2021)

Assessing Implications Of Social Welfare Of CPEC: A Provincial Level Analysis....
Abstract:  CPEC is a mega project that aims to bring economic prosperity to Pakistan. The key purpose of the dissertation is to investigate the influence of the social welfare impact of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) on Baluchistan Province. The research article is based on an analysis of the projects by CPEC and how much social change has been instigated through the establishment of the schemes ...Read More - Download PDF - View Fulltext
Author/s: 1-Uffaq Khalid
Lecturer, Riphah International University, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Keywords:CPEC, Gwadar, Socio-Economic, Strategic
DOI Number:10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).01 DOI Link:http://dx.doi.org/10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).01
Page Nos:1 – 12 Volume & Issue:IV-I
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Pakistani Women Take Facebook with A Pinch of Salt; Men Go Overboard....
Abstract:  The growing popularity of social networking sites among people has resulted in the blurring of the distinctions between offline and online people’s identities. Peoples are frequently enticed to publicly express themselves on social media in ways that reveal their personality. The study looked at how the Pakistani people used language to (re)construct their gender identities on Facebook. The rese ...Read More - Download PDF - View Fulltext
Author/s: 1-Sajid Mahmood Awan
Senior Research Fellow, NIHCR, QAU, Islamabad, Pakistan

2-Hassan Shehzad
Lecturer, Department of Media Studies, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

3-Shane Zahra
MSc Anthropology, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

Keywords:Pakistani Women, Facebook, Social Networking
DOI Number:10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).02 DOI Link:http://dx.doi.org/10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).02
Page Nos:13 – 18 Volume & Issue:IV-I
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Implementing Electronic Voting System in Pakistan: Readiness, Challenges and Way..
Abstract:  The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility of implementing an Electronic Voting System EVS in Pakistan, as well as highlight some potential areas where improvement may be needed. The research is broken down into three sections: readiness, opportunities, and challenges. In the Readiness section, the researcher looks at factors such as public trust, resources, and technical infrastructu ...Read More - Download PDF - View Fulltext
Author/s: 1-Asad Ur Rahman
BS, Department of IR, NDU, Islamabad, Pakistan

2-Imran Ashraf
Assistant Professor, Department of IR, NDU, Islamabad, Pakistan

3-Noor Fatima
Assistant Professor, Department of IR, NDU, Islamabad, Pakistan

Keywords:Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), Digitalization, Public Trust, Election Commission of Pakistan, Polling Station
DOI Number:10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).03 DOI Link:http://dx.doi.org/10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).03
Page Nos:19 – 31 Volume & Issue:IV-I
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Soviet Afghan War: Challenges for Pakistan.
Abstract:  The 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has affected Pakistan’s foreign policy. Both the states are sharing common border and cultural ties. The attack on Afghanistan soil was a treat for Pakistan’s territorial integrity. Pakistan adopted policy of partnership with US in order to withdraw the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.The paper aims to explore Pakistan’s role in Soviet withdrawal from Af ...Read More - Download PDF - View Fulltext
Author/s: 1-Uroosa Ishfaq
Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Women University, Swabi, KP, Pakistan.

2-Kashif Ashfaq
MPhil Scholor, Department of Pakistan Studies, National University of Modern Languages Islambad, Pakisan.

MPhil Scholor, Department of Pakistan Studies, National University of Modern Languages Islambad, Pakistan.

Keywords:Pakistan, Afghanistan, Soviet Union, US Role, Soviet Afghan war
DOI Number:10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).04 DOI Link:http://dx.doi.org/10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).04
Page Nos:32– 39 Volume & Issue:IV-I
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Pak-China Partnership: U.S. And India's Response..
Abstract:  Pakistan and China have been enjoying multilayered ties. They have mutual cooperation and a supportive environment for each other. Their relationship has strengthened after the 2000s. They shifted their ties according to the global shadow. However, with the passage of time, their relationship transformed from Geo-economic to Geo-strategic. 2015 was the turning year of their ties with signing the C ...Read More - Download PDF - View Fulltext
Author/s: 1-M Usman Ullah
Department of Politics and I.R., Islamic International University Islamabad, Pakistan

Keywords:C.P.E.C, Gwadar, Geo-economics, Geo-strategic, Interests, U.S
DOI Number:10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).05 DOI Link:http://dx.doi.org/10.31703/gpsrr.2021(IV-I).05
Page Nos:40 – 46 Volume & Issue:IV-I
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